Discount codes: what they are and why they are used in online purchases

Also known as promotional codes, Bill Or coupons, discount codes are alphanumeric bonds that, along with other tools in electronic form, have become part of the daily life of Internet users.

Discount codes are a The true saving method Like physical coupons. Unlike coupons and BillThey are mainly physical bonds, and discount codes are sequences of numbers and letters that can be used in the shopping cart of Spanish and international companies.

They were born in the United States in the early years of the 21st century, along with the development of e-commerce. Promo codes experienced the first wave of success in 2008-2010, a period in which Groupon became one of the major international service operators in a stable and uncontested manner through Bill Bodily – physical. In the same tune many sites Electronic trade International companies have begun issuing electronic discount codes that users themselves can use, such as a physical purchase voucher offered by physical companies.

In Spain, the use of promotional codes in digital form in online businesses has always been more frequent. These are alphanumeric combinations (for example “GIFT10” or “DISCOUNT25”) that users can apply in their favorite online business’s shopping cart, in the intentionally specified box. Verification is done automatically at the time you confirm the use of the discount code.

Where can we find discount codes?

There are different ways to get promotional codes online, in this mini guide we will explain in detail ways to obtain discount codes to save on your next purchase.

Through business via the Internet. One of the main ways to get discount codes is through the online platforms you want to buy from. Business Electronic trade In Spain, they frequently send promotional codes to all registered or registered users of the news. Additionally, it is often possible to find the coupons listed on the business pages.

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Through specialized coupon portals. Thanks to the success of coupons, there are many specialized sites in Spain that offer promotional codes. Some portals how enlistan And they are constantly updating discount coupons for hundreds of Spanish companies. On some promotional codes sites it is also possible to find them Coupons Exclusive and rare that is offered exclusively by online companies and certain users of certain internet sites.

Through Google apps. Some websites offer promotional codes using Android / Apple apps downloaded from Google Play, which contain promotional codes for Spanish companies. In addition to this, various Google Chrome extensions are available with which it is possible to increase the accuracy of the search and obtain promotional coupons at the time a specific site is Electronic trade. Finally, with a query in the Google browser, they are in some cases Included Some specialized sites also have discount codes for network users.

Through SMS or push notifications. Sometimes sites Electronic trade They send their users short messages containing exclusive or generic promotional codes, which can be used in the following order. Some apps, such as Telegram, offer promo codes, through the appropriate channels that constantly “produce” discount codes for major Spanish companies like Amazon, Zalando, Asos, Nike and many more.

How to enter a promotional code

Using a promotional code is a fairly easy user experience. According to estimates, 30% of users in Spain look for a discount code before making their first purchase. It is a simple and online business process detailing how to use discount codes. A file is entered Bill This mainly happens on the online business cart page where the user will find a special line through which he can enter the alphanumeric code, which must be validated with the confirmation button.

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On the same shopping cart page, the purchase amount will be automatically recalculated. The discount will be shown in real time. In any case, it is a good idea to always check the terms and conditions of use of discount coupons, validation, expiration date, and products for which the code can be used.

What Spanish businesses are available to them?

Coupons can be used for any kind of Electronic trade And services, i.e. commercial activities that sell consumer goods or places where services are sold (such as tourist reservations, Electronic tickets, Currency exchange, Hosting And domains, Software For computers, consulting and online courses).

Most promotional codes are used statistically by companies from Electronic trade, Such as computing, clothing, footwear, household appliances, and all products belonging to the consumer goods category. In any case, the use of discount codes for tourist reservations such as travel, airline and domestic tickets is always greater. Deals s Electronic tickets.

What are the most used in Spain?

According to company statistics Promocodex International Srl, International company that deals with statistics Electronic trade Which has discount code sites in major European markets, which Spaniards acquire through promotional codes in the best sites Electronic trade Nationwide searches and more than 50% of coupon searches are reduced to 5 major shopping portals.

Amazon. The Spanish site for Electronic trade Par excellence and the most visited that periodically suggests promotional codes for electronics, clothing, CDs, vinyls, DVDs, Blu-ray products, audio and video products and household products.

EBay. It provides its users with valid periodic discount codes to identify product categories. Statistically on Ebay, there are coupons every month that are placed on the site’s homepage with relevant ads.

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Asus. Asos promo codes can be used for clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women and children. Often the coupons usable on Asos are also valid for other European markets like France, UK, Germany and Italy.

Gobon. The international deals giant periodically sends its users promotional codes to buy deals and coupons for activity in your city and in some cases are also valid for the shopping section of this popular discount portal. It is the favorite place for Spaniards to buy tourist reservations. Because the prices are lower than the competition, regularly offers short-term discount codes and promotions that are usable for registered users.

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