Brazil: Sergio Moro is back and wants to be president | The former judge left his advisory job in the United States

The Supreme Court investigated the charges of tampering with sentences for political purposes against former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, a former judge Sergio Moro (Photo) He left his consulting job in the United States and returned to Brazil to join the right-wing Podemos party in order to be The “third way” in the October 2022 presidential election.

“Brazil is fair for all” Moreau wrote this Tuesday on his Twitter account, accompanying the invitation for his affiliation, which will be held on the tenth of this month in Brasilia. His potential candidacy is supported by figures from the Globo Media Group and former Bolsonarista ministers Like retired General Carlos Santos Cruz.

Moro is shown before the circles of power as a representative of “bolsonarismo sin Bolsonaro”. Podemos is the parliamentary arm of what was known as Operation Lava Jato and an ally in the economic agenda of the executive branch. One senator was part of Bolsonaro’s defenders on the Senate’s parliamentary committee that has charged the president with nine serious crimes for his handling of the pandemic.

This year, the Federal Supreme Court decided that Moro was prejudiced and carried out political persecution against former President Lula. The then judge convicted Lula in Operation Lava Jato in 2017 and imprisoned him the following year, leaving the former president out of an election that ended up winning Bolsonaro. the following, Moro left the judiciary to take over as Minister of Justice in the new government on January 1, 2019.

After 15 months, Moreau ended up shutting the door by condemning his then-president’s interference in the appointment of the Federal Police Commissioners. in the economy It’s a proclaimed neo-liberal And He came to the government because of his good relationship with Economy Minister Paolo Guedes.

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Moro collects eight percent of voting intent, far from favorite Lula and Bolsonaro. The ex-judge is part of a faction called the “Third Way” where Cerro Gomez and ex-Bolsonaro neo-liberals such as the governor of San Pablo João Doria coexist.

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