Diet to lose 1 kilo per week without effort

The specialist said that this diet “consists of a flexible and adaptive change in lifestyle and, from a nutritional point of view, is based on foods similar to those included in the Mediterranean diet – in Spain.”

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Flavors are not prohibited, but they should not be abused.

Favo diet to lose 1 kilo per week

The FAFO diet is an acronym for Flexible and Overweight Friendly. According to a report by Infosalus. It includes “regular meals” and allows you to “enjoy typical regional dishes or those that are part of daily customs”.

Gomez y Blasco detailsIt is only necessary to control certain quantities in foods and keep very simple and open guidelines for their preparation and cooking, So that it is very pleasant to the taste.

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Then he highlighted: “The main feature that distinguishes it from other diets is that it takes into account the profession, physical activity, place of origin, and habits of the patient, (…) as well as his economic capabilities to do it.” Certain changes in their healthy eating habits.”

The positive point of this diet is that those who follow it do not have the feeling of following a system. One of its main points is to absorb all types of nutrients found in food, while encouraging the consumption of local, natural, fresh and healthy products (without hard to find menus).

Of course, it is important to pay attention to quantities. Tastes are not “forbidden”, although only occasionally.

Another key tip of the FAFO diet is to eat slowly, and chew each bite well. This way we will give our brain time to send the satiety signal and, consequently, we will eat fewer calories than if we ate too quickly.

This approach, which has proven effective in reducing obesity, is easy to implement when guided by specialists.; There is no doubt that when done correctly, it allows a person to lose kilograms, at an approximate rate ranging from half to one kilo per week.

Finally, there is another advantage that experts find is that Practicing this type of anti-obesity diet is within the reach of populations with few resources.

Therefore, if you go to a dietitian, you should tell them that you want a FAFO diet, so that it suits your needs, time and pocket.

If your dietitian doesn't know what you're talking about, find another one.

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