Day or night: When is the safest time to fly?

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The aviation sector has traditionally woken up Big questions among travelers who use, more or less frequently airplane As a means of transportation to move from one corner of the planet to another. Many of these join the service without any fear (with the peace of mind that science is behind everything), while others, though unabashed, feel a little skeptical about some doubts that are beyond their comprehension.

he Fear of flying It is a common problem affecting 40% of the population according to some studies. And in an effort to reduce pre-flight stress, several aviation experts and travel professionals revealed, in an interview with daily Mail, What is the best time to fly.

Many agree that the best time to fly for nervous travelers is in the morning, Because conditions are usually calmer and less turbulent.

From avoiding crowds to taking advantage of off hours, there are pros and cons at both times of the day/Reuters/Michaela Riehl

And while some experts advise that it is better fly at night: “Less sun = less disturbance. It’s usually quieter in the morning.” Tom Farrier Former Security Director Air Transport Association Pointed at a thread Quora Night flights are also offered.Low probability of crew fatigue and spatial disorientation Accidental.

However, the specialist stressed that due to the increased security in the aviation sector, There is less difference Between flying day and night than before. “Thanks to the safety regulations that most countries in the world adhere to today, there is very little difference in the relative safety of day and night flights, at least on an international level,” he said.

According to Farrier, some of the factors that made day and night almost the same on long-haul flights Optimizing schedules and rest requirements From the crew, along with “Highly capable aircraft and modern navigational aids.”

Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias in the population. Also known as aerophobia, this aversion affects a large proportion of people (Getty Images)

However, Farrier suggested that if passengers had to travel on an older plane to a country with less stringent rules on flight safety Departure or arrival during the day. He noted, “If you want to fly as safely as possible, nothing compares to pilots being reasonably comfortable and being able to see what is going on around them when they are close to the ground or navigating through an airport.”

In another thread from Quora He asked himself: “As an airline pilot, what is your favorite time of the day to fly? William Keating Who flies commercial aircraft after retiring as a fighter pilot, said morning is also the best time for him.

In response to the question, he wrote: “For me, morning. I like to go out from seven to nine in the morning. Do not delay accumulated. It is usually before the worst of the weather and is likely to be Less wind“.

Specialists discussed which time interval is least susceptible to turbulence during flights (Getty Images)

in redditAnother user asked: “Is it safe to fly first thing in the morning (6 hours) compared to other times of the day?”. As a frequent traveler pointed out @vashtie1674 in posting daily MailMorning is also preferred. “I learned from a pilot that the early morning hours are Less likely to be disturbed. This is only true sometimes. Air is air and can be stable or unstable. However, I’d rather fly in very early than late in the day.”

“For me it’s a better travel experience. Based on protection, The same rules apply, so you’re safe. Sometimes, in addition, this is the first flight of the day, ”he added.

However, when traveling in the daytime the person can be encountered Increased passenger traffic at airports, which translates to longer lines at immigration controls and security filters. Wait times that travelers must account for to avoid unwanted delays.

Although flying has become less dangerous with time, it is still difficult for some to board a plane without fear (Getty Images)

On the other hand, if the option is to travel evening There are others Advantages in logistics. An overnight flight can allow you to make the most of your stay on the last day of the trip, for a last minute visit or for pending purchases.

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Being able to sleep during the flight to make the most of the first day at the destination is an advantage for some. In addition, on long trips, it may be a positive to travel at night to Prevent the day from feeling too long due to the time change And get some rest to avoid The plane is late.

To avoid a bumpy ride, pilot Jarrett29, from North Carolina, previously disclosed Choosing a seat near the stand is the least turbulent. “If you are close to the wing root, you absorb most of the turbulence in the wing root, so you will feel less and less bumps during the flight,” he explained in a TikTok video.

For his part, Dr. confirmed. Kwai Snyder head of the aviation medicine advisory service, He also claimed that the larger seats—usually found in rows 10 to 30—provide more stability by being closer to the “center of mass”.

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