This is how close the award Apple gives to its longtime employees

Apple’s recognition of its employees is full of meaning!

Apple awards certificates of appreciation made from sustainable materials to its longest serving employees / Photo by 9to5mac

Apple pays attention to every detail in everything it does, regardless of whether it is a mass product that it will sell to its customers or internal products that will be delivered to its team members. In recent days, a creation belonging to the second list has been the protagonist of some unboxings in which many, but not all, details have been revealed.

around Apple Anniversary Award. These distinctions reward those who have collaborated for 10, 20, 30 and up to 40 years with dedication to the innovative company.

While the recognition is not new, The latest version is distinguished by its renewed designAdapting to and adhering to the new era One of the commitments that Apple is proud of.

It’s all about the Apple Anniversary Award

According to an article shared by 9to5mac, the physical anniversary award was originally made of glass, but Apple updated it with new aluminum and stainless steel designs in 2019. The 10-year and 20-year designs are made of aluminum, while the 30 years and 40 years in stainless steel.

The beveled edges are diamond cut. The stainless steel emblem is also finished with a mirror and is housed in a finely machined pocket on the award. Each awardee’s name is then laser engraved on the side of the award, along with the date of the anniversary. About the design and production process, Apple stated the following:

True to Apple’s commitment to the environment, awards start as leftovers from the production process, using the same distinctive metals and colors as our products. These parts are collected and recast to create custom alloys. The ingot is cast into long ingots and then cut into blocks and shaped to the final size. The surface of the aluminum awards is specially polished, sandblasted and then anodized. Stainless steel trophies overlap for a stunning finish.

Glass panel for Apple employees

Glass panel for Apple employees

Each of these elements is made possible by collaboration between Apple teams, including manufacturing design, industrial design, operations and logistics, packaging product design, and a packaging engineering project. Management, Marcom, People, Finance, Communications, Legal, Procurement and Facilities.

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The post also shared details and photos of each particular award, each with exclusive features:

Awards for 10 and 20 years

Apple uses the same recycled aluminum used in the Mac mini and MacBook Air.

30 year awards.

It’s made of stainless steel, made from two halves that are seamlessly laser welded and then overlapped. Because if it were really solid stainless steel, it would weigh about 35 pounds.

40 years of awards.

The 40 Year Award is rendered in much the same way, but the top and bottom are also seamlessly joined together after a special color coating process.

Apple Anniversary Award

Apple’s anniversary award is full of details.

Despite the differences, they all share the following characteristics: * There are approximately 25 to 30 steps taken in presenting each award, not counting fulfillment and packaging. * The employee’s name is laser etched on the right side of the award, along with the date of the anniversary. *The fifth anniversary is honored with a framed plaque signed by Tim Cook.

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