David Lynch directs Donovan’s new video: “I am the shaman”

Photo by David Lynch: Mark Perry, Facebook de David Lynch / Foto Donovan: YouTube

Four years after the third season of Twin PeaksThere is no confirmed news about the next move for David Lynch In his filmography, although he has a great time with his YouTube weather reports already accumulating 145 episodes, other reports confirm that he is working on a project for Netflix. Meanwhile, the popular director has reintegrated his love for music by producing the new song by Donovan,I am the shamanAnd direct their video clip.

The video comes as part of Donovan’s 75th birthday. On the creative process behind this song, the Scottish musician revealed in a statement:Everything was improvised. I visited the studio and David said, “Sit at the microphones with your guitar, Don.” I was asked to bring in a song that was in the process of emerging, nothing is about to expire. We’ll see what happened. And it happened! The song was later incorporated by Dean Hurley, a frequent Lynch contributor.

At the end of the video, Donovan says the goal of the song is to raise money that will be devoted to teaching Transcendental Meditation, a practice both by Lynch and the musician. In the aforementioned statement, Donovan adds:David and Compadres are on a rarely traveled creative path. And we bring Transcendental Meditation to the world“.

The creative bond between Lynch and Donovan goes back to 2007, when the musician gave a series of performances across the US and UK hosted by the David Lynch Foundation. Donovan’s last album dates back to 2013: Shades of blue.

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