Cyberpunk 2077 publishes its official editing tools: you can now download them for free

CD Projekt puts the resources needed to remix Nighty City back in the hands of the community.

following Cyberpunk 2077Tamad Nota: CD project Has made available to its community (as planned) Formal tools For mods for the huge open world game. In other words, PC users are now free to work on improvements of their own making and we hope they describe a full spectrum of recoveries for our trip to the Night City. Or at least to keep it alive for a long time.

The Polish team guarantees that these tools can be free download From the game’s official website, they will help players “modify and create.” [sus] Special experiences in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 “. He also adds that the mentioned tools”It will be constantly updated Along with game patches to ensure compatibility. “

Some depositors have already created content in other ways Of course, depositors have already resorted to other methods to implement early versions of features like Look change Oh no Third-person perspectiveBut hopefully, these tools will be more useful and less difficult for these talented amateur developers.

CD Projekt and off course with modifications

Cyberpunk 2077 photo

Witcher 3 might have been released in the distant 2015 year, but today it manages to maintain the genre thanks to a relentless community of mods who keep it updated mechanically and visually. For example, TW3 HD Reworked continues to expand with New textures and improvements, But only in Nexus Mods Registered More than 4,000 contributions Of the fans.

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