Two divers released a whale shark …

A brave team of divers stars in the stunning rescue of a whale shark that has been trapped in a piece of rope.

In December 2019, Macana Maldives travel agency divers Simone Musumeci and Antonio Di Franca were taking a group of tourists on a guided diving excursion off Fuvahmulah Island, Maldives, when they saw something unusual: a huge whale shark was sailing across the water around you a boat with a thick rope Attached to the body between the head and the pectoral fins.

It was the flight guide who gave the warning that the whale shark was in the immersion area when the group returned to the ship. At that moment, a majestic specimen of a whale shark swam to Simon with a huge rope around her neck.

Simon and Antonio jumped into the water and began tearing the rope to free the animal. The process took a total of 10 minutes, and once it was free, it could be seen, by the deep white marker, that the shark had been holding this ballast for a long time.

Simon told Catchers, “When the rope was finally released, the animal stopped for a moment, as if realizing it was free, and then slowly disappeared into the depths of the sea.”

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