CSIC, in the largest scientific infrastructure in the cloud

CSIC directs Spain’s participation in the largest digital infrastructure for sharing scientific resources
researchers Supreme Council for Scientific Investigations (CSIC) is leading Spain’s participation in the European Network Initiative (EGI), the world’s largest digital infrastructure aimed at sharing computing resources across disciplines for scientific development.

Launched by the European Commission in 2009, the EGI Consortium provides an open digital environment for science, which It was used in 2021 by 260 scientific societies and over 78,000 European users.

CSIC explained in a statement that in the same year, more than 1,700 researchers and 19 Spanish scientific communities managed, stored and shared data through EGI services to create more than half a thousand scientific articles.

Similarly, he stated that he coordinates the Spanish participation in the EGI with 10 data centers and in cooperation on 13 projects in areas such as climate change, health, medicine, physics and the humanities, which has allowed the preparation of relevant articles, for example, with the SARS-CoV-2 genome.

Among the projects, CSIC’s involvement in expanding the computing and storage capacity of this pan-European infrastructure through the EOSC Synergy project stands out, one of three major initiatives to create European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), Europe’s Great Open Science Cloud.

Launched in 2021 coordinated by researchers from the Institute of Physics in Cantabria (IFCA-CSIC), this cloud will allow the development of open science by providing researchers with a digital environment to manage, store and reuse data for research purposes.

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Participate in security

On the other hand, CSIC explained that in Spain the use of EGI digital resources means that the central data unit is used in more than 233 million computing hours in 2021.

In addition, users have requested more than 730,000 updates to the middleware, the program responsible for managing common services and functions in Various cloud applicationsshe added.

During all this activity, there were 40 critical vulnerabilities in software systems that were fixed by Spanish data centers, in collaboration with the EGI security group.

In collaboration with the Portuguese Laboratory for Experimental Particle Physics and Instrumentation (LIP), CSIC is responsible for the validation, validation and subsequent distribution of the EGI software repository, noted IFCA-CSIC researcher and EOSC Synergy Project Coordinator, Elizabeth Fields.

To ensure access to the EGI software repository at all times, it is kept redundant with two simultaneous versions in Spain and Portugal.

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