The most original creators on Instagram

Being a content creator and living your life as an influencer is not an easy task. Millions of people around the world struggle for the same thing, to the point that many children innocently say they want to be an “influencer” when they grow up.

Creating original content that will attract thousands or millions of people and generate high income is very difficult, but it also requires an important factor of luck, since viral spread largely depends on unknown algorithms.

The truth is that Meta wants to help us find inspiration with a website where they showcase the most creative creators, the “creators of tomorrow”.

Available in creatorsoftomorrow.comshowcases the talents of users in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the people who will work with Meta over the next year to help them grow their audience and turn their passions into jobs.

Meta is pledging to include more creators in the coming months, people from around the world who can appear on the web and stand out with the hashtag #CreatorsOfTomorrow.

Users selected based on video format and content:

[…] Video formats, technology, and interactive entertainment: the creative qualities we believe will be integral to the evolution of the metaverse.

They include game makers like RossiHD from the UK, augmented reality professionals like Mohamed Sultan from the United Arab Emirates, or body positivity influencers like Tania Make Up Plus from France.

In the presentation, he mentioned the Meta metaverse on several occasions, noting that it is these profiles that will make possible a parallel digital universe, which will presumably invade us within a few years.

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