CPLED talks, an open space for training in science and sports

Since the beginning of the epidemic, many models have been modified in various fields. Sports and science were one of them, and through networking, the College of Coaches every Wednesday proposes a topic of discussion among the best advocates of Latin America.

The arrival of the pandemic with COVID 19 came to reshape spaces and paradigms across the board. Sports and science were not alien to her. Among the many information, beliefs or magic solutions came the CPLED Colegio de Entrenadores (Latin American Training Network based in Mexico) to create a space for discussion between different Spanish-speaking academics through its conversations.

In this way, from topics such as “Physical Exercise and COVID” to “Workflow, Decision Making and Data-Driven Training Design” and “Strategies for Developing New Athletes,” the talks seek to unify as a new space swap and Ibero-American training. Salvaging the experiences of both the expeditionaries in the middle of the pandemic in their home countries and the sports policies that have been implemented (or not) for this purpose.

This Wednesday, November 17, at 19 (Mexico) and 22 (Argentina) the topic of conversation will be “Seeing the Model in Sports Training” with a panel of experts.

You can follow the conversation on the Cpled1 College of Trainers Facebook page. And his YouTube channel: Cpled where all conversations are uploaded throughout the year.

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Conversational Dynamics is a presentation on the topic of the event, moderated by Pedro Gómez Castaneda, to subsequently lead to interactions with the audience present.


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