Don’t look for a new NETFLIX movie project

Netflix has unveiled the full trailer for this year’s latest cinematic tank, which brings together an impressive cast of stars.

The 2021 movie will say goodbye in a big way, since December has plenty of major premieres, one of which is Don’t Look Up, Netflix’s new movie tank.

When we say tank we can fall short, because the movie not only offers an interesting story but also features a large number of stars in the cast.

In the same way it did with Red Notice, Netflix seized the rights to this comedy from Academy Award winner Adam McKay, which was to be under the wing of Paramount Pictures. With this, star recruitment began, first Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio landed in the lead roles. The list then expanded with the arrival of Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Ron Perlman, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Scott Miscudy, Cate Blanchett and Chris Evans.

Although the pandemic was responsible for delaying production, the film was able to finish its run in February of this year, leaving enough time for post-production.

Now a little over a month before the premiere of Don’t Look Up, Netflix has released the full trailer, making it clear that the story is McKay-branded and showing that the director has made the most of Leo, Jennifer, and the entire crew.

As for the plot, it tells us that two astronomers (Leo and Jennifer) discovered that an asteroid is about to impact Earth. Both are heading out on a massive media tour to warn humanity of the danger ahead, but it seems that the asteroid isn’t the main problem.

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The trailer shows how the characters of DiCaprio and Lawrence are horrified by the inaction of politicians and people when they are warned that the Earth is in grave danger. Plus, there’s a new look at the President of the United States, played by the formidable Meryl Streep, that focuses more on the gains a meteor can achieve than the lives that might be lost.

Don’t Look For It will premiere for a limited time in theaters December 9 in Latin America and December 10 in Spain and the United States. In a few days, specifically on December 24, it will be available on the Netflix platform.

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