Countries that do not require a visa to enter Canada




June 7, 2023 at 2:20 PM.

Canada is one of the countries with the largest immigrant population in the world. In addition to being one of the destinations chosen by people looking to visit, do business, or meet family and friends.

For this reason, and with the aim of improving its policies towards immigrants and facilitating the arrival of foreigners into the nation, The Canadian government announced the easing of the visa regime for some countries.

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In total, 13 countries will join the electronic travel authorization (eTA) programme. Of these, four are from Latin America.

With this feature, citizens who have obtained a Canadian visa in the past 10 years or who have a current US non-resident visa can now apply for this permit when traveling to Canada By air.

Canadian authorities suggest that the introduction of visa-free air travel will make this possible Faster, easier and more affordable for thousands of travelers Visit the country for up to six months, whether on business or pleasure.

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Countries joining the program

This measure, which came into effect on June 6, will apply to the following places:

– Old and bearded
-Costa Rica
– Morocco
– Panama
– Saint Kitts and Nevis
– Lucia Street
– Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
– Seychelles
– Trinidad and Tobago
– Uruguay

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Through a statement, the Canadian government indicated this decision “It will help grow the Canadian economy by facilitating more international travel, tourism and business, and by strengthening Canada’s relationships with these countries while keeping Canadians safe.”

Likewise, it will allow visa applications to be processed more efficiently, which will benefit all applicants for this entry document.


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