Brazil will require visas for citizens of the United States, Australia, Canada and Japan

The Foreign Ministry indicated that the measure was “taken after consultations” with those four countries to consider “the possibility of granting visa exemptions” to Brazilian travelers “in respect of the principle of reciprocity.”

The Brazilian government announced this on Monday You will need a visa again To enter the country of citizens United States, Australia, Canada and Japanin a measure that will take effect from the next day October 23According to the South American giant's Foreign Ministry.

Measures “It was taken after consultations“To those four countries to think about”Possibility of granting visa exemption“For Brazilian travelers in”Respect the principle of reciprocity“, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated in a statement.

In March 2019, the current government of former President Jair Bolsonaro The ministry noted that this was “a violation of the standards of Brazilian migration policy, historically based on the principles of reciprocity and equal treatment.”

Bolsonaro, who did not apply the principle of reciprocity as his predecessors did, Visa requirements abolished For citizens of those four countries, Without the same payUnder the pretext of facilitating tourism and business.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that “Brazil does not grant unilateral exemption for visitor visas without reciprocity,” noting that regardless of the current decision, it will continue to “negotiate” with those four countries “visa exemption agreements on reciprocal grounds.”

From October 23, when the regulations come into force, the e-visa method, which was used until 2019, will be adopted again for those countries.

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