Corporate mental health management is key to improving well-being in the workplace

Corporate mental health management is key to improving well-being in the workplace

The report reveals that 46% of companies have not made an assessment Psychological and social risks, and if this happens, it will not be accompanied by a plan of action

Solutia Global Health Solutions, with the participation of Asepeyo and Cigna Spain, released the main conclusions ofThird, a healthy work environment observatory, which aims to analyze good business practices in occupational health, as well as identify those areas that should be strengthened. One of the most surprising conclusions is that 46% of companies Did not perform a psychosocial risk assessment And if this happens, it will not be accompanied by a specific action plan. This ratio is 6 points higher than the analysis conducted in 2020

in this meaning, Elena LongoCigna Spain’s Director of Innovation highlighted the important role mental health plays in achieving a resilient workforce and added that “now more than ever, it is essential to consider the ability to adapt, overcome difficulties or rebuild are the skills that give companies competitive advantages when faced with Situations that generate fear or frustration, turning every moment into an opportunity for growth.” For this reason, “the implementation of tools that help take care of the mental health of employees is essential so that they become aware of their feelings and learn to manage negative aspects such as anxiety or stress, especially in crisis situations.”

The third observatory for a healthy work environment also highlighted that 80% of companies Respondents consider it positive to carry out healthy activities in the company The same percentage confirms its current implementation. Among these measures, extensive medical examinations, campaigns to promote healthy habits and vaccination campaigns stand out. For their part, physical activity and mental health programs, and aging programs, are the activities that are less promoted. NS Caesar’s classl, Managing Partner of Solutia Global Health Solutions, “Management commitment, worker involvement and personal health resources, are areas that still require further development. Covid-19 has been a brake on many companies as it has forced the initiation or continuity of all health resources or Most of them. However, it is also important how many face-to-face activities have been adapted to virtual formats. Finally, I would like to emphasize a positive fact Nearly 40% of companies surveyed claim to have educated or trained resource workers to enhance emotional well-being and reduce the impact on mental health.

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Similarly, during the conference, other conclusions were presented, such as the need for the company’s management’s commitment to promoting the implementation of any health policy of the company. This variable is still one of the difficulties for Spanish companies, since among all measures it ranks second with the lowest average score. To the extent that Dr. Maria Dulce PugetDirector of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Diseases at Asepeyo analyzed the mental health situation in the workplace and emphasized that “there is no health without mental health, so it is essential to implement a comprehensive strategy for mental health promotion and prevention, both in companies and in community services.”


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