Is the wound a true story?

Since you arrived at Netflix, over there drama that do not fall under the directions. it’s about injury, Originally bruisingwho made it Halle Berry. There are several factors that led to it being one of my favorites this past week, however, the same doubt arose for all those who enjoyed it on the streaming platform: Is it just a fictional story or did the events happen in real life?

Also starring Halle Berry, who is accompanied by Adan Canto and Adriana LennoxAnd injury is about MMA fighter (Mixed Martial Arts) who, after years of humiliating defeat, clings to his last chance at redemption. Her son, whom she cannot take care of, returns to her life taking a totally unexpected turn. Quickly, the story embodied by the Oscar-winning actress became a real phenomenon in the film N.

text, by Michelle RosenfarbIt was talked about and many found a parallel between Berry’s life story and what happens in the two hours that Hurt stretches. It is true that experiences Jackie Justice They could easily be those of any athlete or athlete exposed to the world of mixed martial arts. But the truth is that the book – which ended in 2017 – is 100% fictional and has been a collaboration with Halle Berry and producer Eileen Goldsmith Thomas.

What happened in real life was the required training the actress had to go through: for eight months, she exercised for 5 hours a day. At the age of 55 science Capoeira, Judo, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Kickboxing. In fact, one of the worst moments came when she shot her rival in the movie: Lucia Lady Killer Chavez, a real-life competitor. (Valentina Shevchenko). there was that Two ribs broken.

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This is just the beginning of Halle Berry on Netflix. According to Variety, Actress and Producer finished a contract With the broadcasting giant to be the director of some projects to come in the next few years. Is this his first appearance by order of bruising It impressed all those who enjoyed the movie and made it the most watched movie in the United States in its release week.

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