Health, open to update the MIR system without eliminating it

Celia Gomez, Director of Career Planning.

Celia Gomez This Monday has evaluated the current system for MIR . CHOICEwhich has been described as “successful” and “reasonable” for applicants. When asked about the more than 200 job openings left vacant in the latest release, the Director of Career Planning acknowledged that the government, unions and the rest of the agents involved in the process could address “Reflection” on the current systemalthough he rejected the idea of ​​betting on another type of transformation: “I don’t think that in the future we will have to think of other formulas,” he stressed.

During his speech at the conference The present and future of primary care in Spain‘, organized by the ‘Save Primary Care’ movement, the Director of Occupational Administration denied that the remaining 217 vacancies had failed, and stressed that this problem was not new. He claimed that “in 2014 they were more or less the same, and the coincidence of the units in which this happened was 95 percent.”

On the reasons that caused this situation, Gomez noted that it is “difficult to cover positions” as in family medicine, the specialty that In the latest version of MIR there were 200 vacancies.

It also appealed to a large number of Medical graduates and vacancies at MIt in this sense, I’ve indicated that there was a “bag of people who didn’t get a term at the time and who are now assimilated, with last year’s volumes”.

“There are many core issues, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t consider alternatives, But in part the graduates places the data is clear. He concluded that many non-EU people attend, many enter with a court order and some do not.

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Last week, the Ministry of Health approved Modify the system so that citizens change the community that they had been excluded from the quota which they could reach to occupy those 218 places which the first applicants did not desire, and that 200 of them, distributed, correspond to family medicine; 8 of occupational medicine, 8 in the specialty of preventive medicine and public health; and 1 in Microbiology and Parasitology.

Primary Care Packing

During the law held on Monday in Madrid, the CCOO and the UGT denounced that primary care is “in a limited situation” and that it is necessary to “take urgent measures to Not just ensuring their survival.” But, above all, “its universality, quality and accessibility”. It also highlights that the various health departments, despite what was promised, are not taking the necessary measures to resolve this situation.

So they announced it Business and packaging will continue To highlight primary care problems and the need to take urgent action to solve them.

The Secretary General of the Federation of Health and Social Health Sectors of CCOO (FSS-CCOO) also deplored, Humberto MunozAmong the demands related to primary care, it is worth highlighting the increase in primary care workers, whose number is estimated at 8000 medical professionals, 15,000 nursing professionals and at least 10,000 administrative specialists.

Likewise, it is essential to ensure adequate funding for primary care, and access to 25 percent of public health spending; and that spending on health amounts to at least 7.5% of GDP. That is, primary care “is the main part of the system, which continues to solve nine out of ten health problems of the citizens of our country, but, nevertheless, it is he who receives the least resources”, stated Humberto Muñoz.

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