Clínica Mediarte expands its operations to Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador and the United States

Mediarte, the clinic specializing in hair grafts and transplants, which already operates in Panama and Mexico, has announced a more aggressive expansion plan towards the other markets it hopes to reach with its treatments. So said Andres Martinez, president of the company They are focused on consolidating operations in the Aztec country, where they arrived over four months ago and plan to open four more officesone of these in Monterrey within a maximum period of two years.

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Martinez said that Brazil, Ecuador and the United States are other markets where they plan to bring in the knowledge and experience gained in the field of hair health. The growing demand for hair and beard transplantation services, both nationally and internationally, has been the biggest driver of interest in establishing new sites. globally.

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The clinic is present in 12 cities in Colombia, as well as in Panama City and Mexico City. These locations have been key to the company’s success and sustainable growth, which has led to a continuous increase in demand for hair transplantation services. That is why, by 2023, it plans to close sales of more than 15,000 million pesos globally.

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Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are removed from one part of the scalp and transplanted to another area where more hair is needed. It is a detailed and painstaking process, but the results can be satisfying in helping people regain lost hair density and volume, which can improve their self-esteem and confidence.

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In Colombia, this is an increasingly popular option for those experiencing hair loss. “Our procedures are performed using advanced microsurgical equipmentWe look into every detail with the aim of meeting the needs of our patients and contributing to improving their quality of life,” the director specified.

Although the company has considered diversifying its service offerings, its specialized focus on hair transplantation and transplantation has been the main driver of its success, as it uses the most advanced technologies in the world.

In addition, it remains at the forefront of stem cell treatments, which could revolutionize the field of hair transplantation. Today, the clinic applies outpatient treatment with stem cells from South Korea, which improve the nutrition of hair follicles and make them more resistant to hair loss, as its directions state.

“The quality of hair transplantation services is fundamental to us. As the organization grows, we are challenged to maintain and improve the quality of our services. Realizing this, We are in the process of being ISO 9001 certified to standardize operations and ensure excellence in every procedureMartinez says.

He even said they have plans to set up a training school to make sure they have highly trained doctors who can maintain quality in the event of staff turnover.

According to ProColombia, Among its prospects is for the country to attract at least 2.8 million health tourists, which will generate income of at least $6.3 billion by 2032. And hair health is among those clinical services that are increasingly requested by citizens and foreigners.

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A survey conducted by the National Alopecia Association in the United States showed that 47 percent of people experiencing hair loss reported feeling ashamed and 63 percent indicated that their self-esteem had decreased.

Some of the most common causes of hair loss are related to genetic factors, aging, and hormonal imbalances. Autoimmune diseases, stress, the use of certain medications or environmental factors such as pollution and exposure to the sun.

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