Claiming that there are no “slums”, Modi ordered the demolition of homes in India

All opposition parties united under the flag of “India” to oust Modi from power, who intends to change the name of his country to “Bharat” on the grounds that he wants to get rid of the remnants of the colonial era.

They have bulldozed the homes of the poorest and most vulnerable people in India (a name that Modi intends to change to Bharat, the Sanskrit word for the country), actions that demonstrate the increasing authoritarianism of the current president, who appears to have clouded the situation. brain.

The poor saw, as the videos of the disgusting attack show, how their miserable homes and possessions were destroyed…

The cure for this evil is beginning to take shape: all opposition parties have united under the flag of “India” to oust Modi from power, unless masses of extremists continue to support him, as is happening in the Arab world and proven by the support of many Republicans. The neo-fascist Trump.

Modi, a deified figure, wanted to show the world leaders gathered at the G20 summit that in India “there are no slums”, which unfortunately exist in almost every country in the world: in Canada, clusters of poor people, and lazy people and scoundrels have begun to appear on the streets. Major cities, as seen in the United States and throughout Latin America and in European countries.

Certain areas of Los Angeles are plagued by an epidemic of freeloaders and vandals, who, as here with gang members (who “barely exist” according to the system), board public transit vehicles to steal cell phones, in addition to robbing passengers and forming hordes to loot businesses, without… That the police can intervene so as not to be described as “racist.”

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Due to constant attacks on stores and businesses and practically suffering looting in one of its stores, the Nordstrom chain was forced to leave San Francisco, and business owners in the cities at risk began to take measures to protect themselves and beat back the vandals.

Not long ago, a gang of thieves broke into an Apple store to steal cell phones, tablets and other devices, without thinking that in addition to being secured by the company, these devices leave a trace that allows them to be located “wherever they are.” …” Bright in this sense, Apple’s AIRTAG, which recently located a bicycle in London from the United States.

Prominent thieves, thieves, con artists and thieves who swallowed billions Mexican-style in the time of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, are present in many countries, with the case of Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers being emblematic, as happened in Guatemala with Otto Pérez and other birds of reckoning, who promise to correct President-elect Bernardo Arevalo, who denounced a plot to overthrow him and prevent his goal of cleaning up the country…

Extreme poverty in India led to Teresa’s letter from Calcutta

Returning to India, the terrible misery of the slums of Calcutta, to which we must add the saddest scenes we saw at Benares, where bodies were burned on a square in front of the river, unless they died of smallpox, into which they had jumped. The river, it was what prompted Agnes, born in Macedonia in northern Albania, the birthplace of Alexander the Great, to adopt the name Teresa to begin her apostolic work on behalf of the most vulnerable beings in Calcutta and the world.

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Teresa was canonized by Saint John Paul II, a saint who also dedicated his life to protecting vulnerable beings on this planet…

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