Chris Hemsworth: “Having the body of Thor looks good on screen, but it’s very restrictive for life”

The Australian actor revealed that having the body of a bull is good, but it makes your life with many limitations.

Chris Hemsworth Emphasize that it is good to interpret the mythological character of marvel in epic bull And The Avengers. However, he indicated that there are some defects in having this physical structure, and that he is with the new role he plays in the movie. NetflixAnd rescue mission 2 I managed to release

“Every character requires something different from you. In this movie, I had just come out of Thor, a character that required me to be bigger than I would have preferred. Or at least a lot bigger than in the first Tyler Rake movie, so a lot of my training turned on me.” Thor refers to function, movement, flexibility and martial arts, while Thor is bodybuilding training. Thor’s massive body looks great on screen, but he’s pretty restricted for life.“, account.

The actor is in Madrid where he talks about the new challenge that this character has faced. Hemsworth He highlighted the sequence shots they had to score, as they couldn’t make cuts every second or replace the special effects, so that “there are practically no doubles or green screens”.

“There’s a really famous sequence shot that was very demanding, because the problem is if something fails, it’s stressful, because you have to start over. In the past, what was done with these shots is they used four or five cameras, and if One shot failed, they used another. Not here. The director only uses one camera. I think this can be seen in the spontaneity and realism of all the photos. I think the audience is tired of post-production. This could have been recorded in Los Angeles while feeling so relaxed and warm But no, what we did was go to the Czech Republic with 300-pluss and bangs everywhere. I even ended up setting my arm on fire and had to put it out myself,” he adds.

Chris Hemsworth promotes his new Netflix movie, Rescue Mission 2 (REUTERS/Amr El Faki)

ChrisAlthough he did not evade the issue of the US writers’ strike, he did not go too deep either and stated that “A very complicated situation.”

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We need all sides to be heard and everyone to come to an agreement they feel comfortable with. I hope it will be resolved as soon as possible, especially the issue of screenwriters, because I also have many friends who are part of the technical team, who work with cables and cranes, and this will hurt them because they will see each other in unemployment. So I hope it will be resolved soon He stressed that all parties are happy with the solutions.

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