Canadian Conservative Party Elects Pro-Cryptocurrency Leader

The Canadian Conservative Party has chosen pro-crypto politician Pierre Poivery as its new leader.

Poilievre, who supported protests against vaccination by a group of truck drivers In Ottawa this year, he repeatedly criticized the liberal government’s expansion of people’s affairs. He promised to put control of Canadians’ money back into his hands, and blamed the central bank for the rise inflation from the state.

Poilievre is a supporter of cryptocurrency He said that should he be elected prime minister, he would help expose the web of regulations currently governing cryptocurrencies by consulting with regional authorities, seeing them as a way to escape inflation in the country. Show support for cryptocurrency Buy Shawarma In an Ontario restaurant using cryptocurrency.

while protesting, Police have frozen transactions involving 253 cryptocurrency addresses When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used emergency powers to disperse protesters.

Poilievre targets the central bank

Poilievre won the elections Saturday With 68% of the votes of party members After criticizing the country’s ruling class for stifling individual rights. He promised to help those who barely make ends meet if they are elected prime minister.

But his approach to holding the central bank responsible for inflation is misplaced. Believes Professor at McGill University in Montreal. Inflation in Canada due to remaining problems From the supply chain that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic, latent consumer demand after the easing of restrictions and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The central bank raised interest rates by 3% on September 7, 2022 to control inflation.

even so, It seems unlikely that Poilievre will get off the crypto bandwagon anytime soon. Much of its political influence comes from supporting those who distrust government institutions, a philosophy that fueled the creation of Bitcoin (BTC) after the 2008 financial crisis.

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In February 2022, at the height of truck drivers’ protest, the Toronto Star mentioned who – which Greg Voss, who raised $830,000 in Bitcoin to protest, He talked a lot with Poilievre about “good money”.

Poilievre also Back In a podcast from Robert Breedlove, a fan of cryptocurrency Comparing central bank policies with slavery.

Is Polifrey’s Political Ideology Necessary for a Cryptocurrency Boom?

Needless to say, Trudeau’s Liberal Party believes that Poliever’s US political ideology will harm the country’s economy, health and security. And one could argue that it is not strictly necessary for cryptocurrency adoption, as he testified. A report published by the Central Bank in June 2022.

The report revealed that Quantity pregnant BTC in Canada tripled from 2020 to 2021. He also stressed the importance of global regulatory coordination to prevent criminals from exploiting loopholes.

Bank of Canada Appoint an official to oversee organizational efforts About stable currencies, while Canadian stock managers Command That’s it exchanges Cryptocurrency looking to do business in Canada agree Compliance with anti-money laundering regulations From money, cyber security and knowing your customer. Grammar.

So far, It seems unlikely that the Liberal Party will be overthrownTrudeau’s oversight of the minority government. Another party, the left-leaning New Democratic Party, said it would help form the Liberal Party government, as long as Trudeau continues to implement policies in favor of the most vulnerable Canadians.


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