Carlos III, an ecological king

Between photos of official activities and royal events, his Instagram account as The Prince of Wales includes footage in which he advocates for environmental issues in the UK and abroad.

In the photo, he is seen planting trees and displaying organic fruits and vegetables from his Clarence House residence and colorful flowers in his garden in Highgrove in the west of the country.

One photo shows Carlos, whose son William left the title of Prince of Wales, on a visit to a threatened mangrove swamp in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.

When the UK hosted the COP26 climate summit last year in Scotland, he delivered the opening speech, which World leaders urged to redouble their efforts to tackle global warming. Then he warned that “time is literally running out”.

Since his first major public address on the subject in 1970, Carlos has been “sounding the alarm about all aspects of the environment,” says Bob Ward of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environmental Research.

“It has in many ways outperformed public and political awareness” on the issue, he told AFP.

sustainable living

Charles owns a public garden and organic farm in Highgrove. Some nearby farmers were skeptical at first, but this turned out to be a commercial success, selling Duchy Organic products at the Waitrose supermarket chain.

Her Royal Highness has taken many personal steps to live more sustainably

“His Royal Highness has taken many personal steps to live more sustainably,” the official website says about the then Prince of Wales.

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He pointed out that 90% of the energy used in your office and residence comes from renewable sourcesAbout half of that is generated through on-site solar panels, biomass boilers and heat pumps, while the rest of the electricity and gas is purchased from renewable sources.

For several years, Carlos has published his annual carbon footprint, including his unofficial travel, which equates to 445 tons per year as of March 2022.

His modified car, the Aston Martin he’s been driving for over 50 years To be able to use surplus English white wine and whey from cheesemaking.

His stance on issues such as the environment has drawn criticism, leading him to move away from constitutional rules that the royal family must remain politically neutral. Charles repeatedly pledged to uphold constitutional practices and reiterated them upon his accession to the throne.

As a king you will have less time for your passion for gardening and farming. In a 1986 interview, he admitted that he talks to plants, which provoked some ridicule. But the relief has already passed on to his son Guillermo, who shares his commitment to the environment.

Last year, she created the Earthshot Award, which recognizes projects with solutions to the climate crisis.

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