Australia, New Zealand and Canada declared King Charles III

Charles III is not only the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but also the King of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Belize and other small countries, a relic of the ancient British Empire.

While Elizabeth II’s coffin was making an official trip through Scotland, so was her son Officially announced on Saturday the position of the new monarch, King Carlos IIIin a lavish party imbued with ancient traditions and political symbols.

“I am fully aware of this great heritage and the burdensome duties and responsibilities of the Sovereign, which have now been handed to me,” said Carlos upon assuming the duties of government.

Also, Charles III was proclaimed king on Sunday in the English cities and in other countries of the United Kingdom: Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The pronouncements had previously been made elsewhere in the Commonwealth, which includes former British colonies such as Australia and New Zealand.

Just before the declaration was read in Edinburgh on Sunday, a female demonstrator appeared with a sign condemning imperialism and urging leaders to “abolish the monarchy”, but was turned away by police shortly after. The crowd cheered.

One of the men shouted, “Let it go! It’s freedom of speech!” while others shouted, “Have some respect.”

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It is a sign of how some, including the former colonies of the British Empire, are grappling with the legacy of the monarchy. Previously, advertisements were read in other parts of the Commonwealth of Nations, including Australia and New Zealand.

In the New Zealand capital Wellington, the representative of the Crown Prince, Governor-General Cindy Kerro said that

“On behalf of New Zealanders, I convey to King Charles our loyalty, support and wishes for a long and happy reign.”

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who began laying the foundation for an Australian republic after the May elections, said on Sunday that Now is not the time for changebut to honor the late queen.

India, a former British colony, Notice the day of mourningwith flags hoisted over half of the staff in government buildings across the country.

Amidst the grief, in the House of Windsor there were signs of a possible family reconciliation. Prince William, his brother Harry and their wife Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, cheered at a funeral near Windsor Castle in an unexpected joint appearance on Saturday.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II roams in Scotland

The Coffin of Queen Elizabeth II He was cruising through the Scottish countryside on a Sunday on one last trip from his beloved summer residence at Balmoral Castle and on to the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

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Silent mourners lined bridges, highways, cars and tractors, some throwing flowers in memory of the king, who died 70 years on the throne.

She left Paradise with bouquets and other items in a seven-car motorcade from Balmoral, where the Queen died on Thursday, on her six-hour journey to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. The coffin was draped in the royal standard of Scotland, and a wreath of estate flowers, including sweet peas, a favorite of the Queen, was placed on top.

“Sad and heartbreaking moment as Her Majesty the Queen leaves her beloved Balmoral for the last time,” she wrote on Twitter. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. “Today, as she embarks on her journey to Edinburgh, Scotland will pay tribute to an extraordinary woman.”

Silence prevailed on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile as the coffin arrived, but as it moved away, the crowd spontaneously burst into applause.

When the coffin arrived at Holyroodhouse, members of the Royal Scottish Regiment, dressed in typical Scottish garb, carried it in front of the Queen’s three youngest children – Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – and carried it into the drawing-room. It will stay until noon on Monday so the employees can say their last goodbyes.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla will travel to Edinburgh on Monday for another solemn procession carrying the coffin to St Giles’ Cathedral on the Royal Mile. He will be there for 24 hours so people can honor him before he is flown to London on Tuesday.

Similar scenes of silent expressions of respect were seen in every town and village the procession passed through. People stood in place, some clapping, others pointing with their cell phone cameras at the caravan.

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In Aberdeenshire, a crowd of peasants formed a row of tractors, like an honor guard.

(With information from The Associated Press)

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