Canada surrenders to Shay’s offer

hThere are players who are stars because of how they show their superiority, because of their talent or because of a differential aesthetic. Shay Gilgios Alexander added it all as the first big name in the FIBA ​​World Cup. 27 points To leave France wounded (95-65) and relaunch Canada as a competitor to overthrow the United States. Without the wardrobe of the stars and stripes, but with similar mottos in their game for energy and talent.

Shay, defended by Cordinier.

Behind it all is Jordi Fernandez, who does not hide his challenge. “We want first to secure a place in the Olympic Games in Paris and then achieve bigger things.He told Radio Marca’s mics in Jakarta. They’re missing Jamal Murray – it would be another step – but Canada offers the conditions and the level. More with Shay’s show.

First we want a place in the games…then bigger things

Jordi Fernandez

“he Undisputed mega star. It always shows “Who plays,” says the man from Badalona. The number “2” changes the pace of everything, makes the difference. Besides him, a great team. “It’s important how important the others are. I’ve got veteran players like Dwight Powell or ‘our team’ – who plays for Unicaja – Melvin Egem and defensive leaders, Dillon Brooks or Alexander Walker.”

Shay celebrates the trilogy.

A growing team each time adding more shooting on the field. It started in Indonesia timidly, with a bit of a beat. He ended up going through nearly 100 points and exploring different options: Number ‘4’ for Brooks, knowing how to get Kelly Olynyk out… “It’s good for us, the rest doesn’t matter. For them and for those who come in. We want to be a very strong program”, Fernandez asserts. .

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His summary is the summary of the Canadian team. “Good players make good matches,” he says. But the person on the team who was a candidate for revelation and could consider it to be something else is a hit on the table. there The medal candidate makes his way to the World Cup. Show ShahI am your first message.

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