The Chinese Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong criticizes the UK's false accusations and political manipulation

Hong Kong, May 25, 2020 (Xinhua) – The Office of the Commissioner of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region expressed today (Saturday) its strong rejection and strong opposition to the Kingdom's deliberate stigmatization of China. United Kingdom, arbitrary detention and prosecution of Chinese nationals in the United Kingdom, as well as defamation of the Hong Kong SAR government.

A spokesman for the Commissioner's Office accused the British side of disrupting the normal operations of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London, and of supporting wanted anti-China fugitives who fled Hong Kong.

The spokesman pointed out that the false accusations and despicable political manipulation of the United Kingdom seriously violated the spirit of the rule of law, violated the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in the United Kingdom, and seriously violated the principles of international law and international law. The basic principles governing international relations, adding that these actions will only expose the United Kingdom's shame and harm its image and credibility.

The spokesman added that Hong Kong is part of China, and the Chinese side firmly opposes any external force interfering in Hong Kong affairs and other internal affairs of China in any way.

“We strongly urge the British side to stop the anti-China political manipulation, end the self-managed political farce, seriously guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in the United Kingdom, and ensure the normal performance of the functions of the Hong Kong office.” “If the British side continues on its course of action, China will take firm countermeasures,” a spokesman for the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Commission in London said, warning.

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