Canada receives its 200th Airbus C295 transport aircraft

Delivery to the assembly plant in Seville

Delivery of the 200th C295. Photo: Airbus

07/15/2021 | Seville

The seventh plane in the order of 16 C295 to Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF, for its acronym in English) is already in the hands of the customer. With this delivery, the manufacturer, AirbusCompleted the supply of 200 aircraft of this model, which were assembled at the company’s facilities in Seville (Spain). The aircraft is scheduled to fly in the next few days to its final destination at the RCAF base in Comox, British Columbia, where the aircraft operates. Alaa 19 Canadian.

The C295W Winner of the competition in 2016 FWSAR (Fixed Wing Search and Rescue), where he competed against the Italian model C27J Spartan. The agreement included, among other things, five years of hardware maintenance and support and the creation of a new training center at Comox. All this was valued at C$2.4 billion, just over €1.6 billion at the current exchange rate.

tactical aircraft C295Which the manufacturer describes as “very versatile and efficient,” orders are accumulating from 34 military and civilian operators around the world, from Canada and Egypt to Spain and Indonesia.

He attended the 200th unit handover ceremony last Friday President of Airbus SpainAnd the Alberto Gutierrez, The Chief of AndalusiaAnd the Juan Manuel Moreno Bonia, and the Military Attaché at the Canadian Embassy.

During the event, Gutierrez confirmed that the Seville facilities in San Pablo, where the aircraft assembly has been completed C295 s A400 m, “It is considered standard in Europe, one of the few factories with a final assembly line for aircraft.” The President of Airbus Spain presented his “heartfelt congratulations to all the company’s teams participating in this program and who made the C295 The global leader in the military tactical transport sector. He concluded by saying, “The success of reaching 200 births is entirely up to you.”

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Canada’s new C295 aircraft will replace the existing fleet CC115 Buffalo s CC130 Herculeswho have served the country for the past twenty and forty years, respectively. These older aircraft will continue to operate for a few more years to ensure search and rescue capability while the modern aircraft are delivered. C295W. If expectations are met, the last 16 C295W Commissioned by the Royal Canadian Air Force, the customer will arrive in 2022.avi file delivery

The C295 It is a multi-purpose aircraft launched in 2001 as an upgraded version of CN235. The device can be configured for use in a variety of roles, such as humanitarian missions, public transportation, rapid intervention force deployments, maritime surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, airborne early warning, signal intelligence, and close air support. And in various tasks the security of the region.

The aircraft, which has a wingspan of about 25 meters and a maximum take-off weight of more than 23 tons, is ready to carry 71 paratroopers in a payload of 12.7 meters or, among other options, five large platforms or ten small ones. Its top speed is 260 knots (480 kilometers per hour).

In recent years, the manufacturer has added a series of capacity improvements to this aircraft that have allowed it to increase its overall performance. In addition, new configurations have been developed for use as a gunboat, control and early warning aircraft (AEWC) or as an aerial surveillance and reconnaissance system, among others. A firefighting tanker version was also designed and in November 2019 a new configuration of the tank was introduced in Germany. C295, which include improvements to the cockpit, exterior design and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, ISR.

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