Canada Fires | A cloud of smoke from the fires will cloud over Galicia for the next few hours

Huge cloud of smoke It currently crosses the Atlantic Ocean In the direction of Europe, and in the next few hours, the skies of Portugal, Spain and France may be cloudy. Specifically, Galicia is expected be one of the first areas affected by smoke.

The pool of smoke comes from wildfires that have been raging across Canada for weeks. The most recent data provided by the state indicates More than 5.2 million hectares have burnedwith more than 400 outbreaks at various points and around 32,000 people evacuated due to the risks involved.

The smoke cloud has already traveled over 5000 km and is expected to touch Europe For the next few hours it is driven by a jet stream.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of the month, smoke covered the United States, leaving eerie images in cities like New York, where haze dyed the sky orange and where it is recommended to leave the house only for what is absolutely necessary.

The embarrassment continues

As for the temperatures in Galicia, this week the heat is expected to continue to decrease, especially indoors Ourense where it will comfortably exceed 30 degrees. For tomorrow, Monday, Aemet expects low clouds and banking fog in the morning which will clear as the day progresses.

the heat wave It will activate alerts in up to 24 Spanish provinces with high risk forecasts in places like Cordoba and SevilleWhere 40 degrees will be exceeded. In Galicia it will be far from that picture, with high temperatures but that will generally not exceed 26-27 degrees on average.

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