Can “Argentina 1985” win an Oscar? | All steps that follow to vote

Contrary to what happens in almost all aspects of life, the first step of Argentina, 1985 in the race Oscar for Best International Film 2023 It was simpler, because it was secret with sounds That Argentine Film Academy – from 250 members Vote for her among 61 titles Eligible this year – she will lean toward a film that recreates what happened during the trial of the military councils that ruled the fate of the last civilian-military dictatorship, just as it did at the time of her election as a National Representative in the Goya Awards Spanish people. More so if the mainstream media is dedicated to following Hollywood activity, with diverse s The Hollywood Reporter to the head, they refer to it as strong filter To win the figurine since its premiere in Venice Festivalseveral weeks before the official announcement Monday night.

But, How’s the road going for Santiago Miter, starring Ricardo Darin and Peter Lanzani? Who will face? What should happen even at a party March 12 Is there a national representation for the seventh time in the 95 editions of the Academy Awards? The important thing is that you have patience. Lots of, because it’s not a sprint but a marathon with so many previous steps leading up to a big night of show business.

The first major date is October 3 Upon the expiry of the period specified for each country to send its candidate, as a condition At least 50 percent must speak a language other than English They were released in theaters between January 1 and November 30. It should be noted that many titles have not yet been issued in their country of origin, so election officials, who are usually members of organizations linked to the audiovisual sector or government areas dedicated to culture, see them in exclusive offers, as happened here with members of the local academy .

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Here things start tangleBecause the Best International Film category, such as those for short films and feature-length animation, has Multiple rounds of voting. In the first, a “preparatory committee” will see all the submitted products and secretly vote on their formation A “shortlist” of fifteen titles To be announced in December 21. Then comes the Nominating Committee, which will select five of these fifteen for the final list. You will know the five along with the rest of the nominations in the morning Jan 24. Voting to determine the winner of the statue is open to all members of the Hollywood Academy, as long as they show that they have seen the five shortlisted.

The main contenders

According to the portal survey, already exists 70 movies From the same number of countries listed. The good news is that India broke all odds by sending it View the last movie instead of $$$$which is an increase in production Netflix It was so well received in the US that major analysts have imagined it squabbling over the statuette side by side Argentina, 1985. But hey, why? Nor should we celebrate too early: Among the contenders stand out many who have more than valued tour of major European festivals. This is the case of the Belgian Closefrom a young Lucas Dönett (31 years old), who won a race Grand Prix in Cannesand based on Decision to leaveby Park Chan-wook (as big boy), which was shown for the first time in the official competition of the French event and in which South Korea will try to repeat its success parasite.

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Poland Another country that attracted the glamor that comes with a world premiere at Cannes was its choice EOfrom the eighties Jerzy Skolimowski, Who left France with the jury prize in his hands. Also with a figurine, in this case is the best case scenario, the Swede went boy from heavenWritten by Tariq Saleh. Other films that visited the country of the rooster in May, which are seeking a place in the quintet Oscar, are Danish Holy spiderAli Abbasi and Austrian corsageby Marie Kreutzer. From Venice came the French Saint Omarby Alice Diop, while the carrasby Spanish Carla Simon, baptismal offerings were in BerlinaleIt won no more or less than the Golden Lion for Best Picture.

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