Natalie Portman and her relationship to science

Mexico City, September 27 (EL UNIVERSAL). – If you think so Natalie Portman She had a great role as Dr. Jane Foster “ox” Perhaps this is because she is not only a scientist behind the screen, but off it, as she has studied psychology and two of her articles, co-authored by an eminent doctor, have been published in an important journal Scientific Journals.

Although the actress is best known for her participation in blockbuster films, she also has an impressive academic resume, combining her early careers as an actress with her studies, which focus on the region. scientific.

In the year 1998, Natalie He had finished high school, so he conducted an investigation, with Dr. Jonathan Woodward, with the goal of uncovering how organic and biodegradable waste was being reused for energy generation.

The study named “A simple method for elucidating the enzymatic production of hydrogen from sugar” Share an invite “Discover the magazine”a Popular Science Magazine This, which rewarded the most novel essay with funding from the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation.

The artist’s article was the winner when it was published in the magazine, but that was not the only compensation that the student still received, as she was awarded $ 100,000, under the name Natalie Hirschlagnicknamed at birth.

Later, the actress went on to win other certificates and not exactly school awards, because in 1999 she participated in the movie Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, by giving life to Pamdé Amidala, and despite that tape Natalie Opening up another step in his career, he was also very clear that he wanted to finish his studies, so he preferred staying home to study for a final exam over attending the George Lucas premiere.

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Later, in the early 2000s, Portman He began his studies in psychology at Harvard University, which he finished in 2003, thanks to work on memory with which he showed a way to explain how objects in the head affect the concentration of hemoglobin in the brain.

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