Netflix will add a shuffle feature

United States: Netflix will add a new job to its service, US media reported Jan.20. The service will select content for those subscribers “who aren’t really sure what they want to see.”

This is because Netflix It is actually planning to introduce the shuffle feature to its collection of movies and TV shows in real time.

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The company tells us it has actually run this test since July.

The company is already testing some possible ways the feature might look, including the “Play Something” variant that my colleague Julia Alexander quickly picks up below. But it seems not just an experiment:

Lots of people think that this button can be a great addition to a platform.

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A spokesperson for Variety said, “The hope is to produce something at all.” The company tells us that so far it is only available on Televisions. I haven’t seen it on my Roku.

When Julia flipped the “Play Something” button, she played an episode of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy with the caption “Because You Saw Spider-Man.”

(They both are about comic book superheroes, and depending on which Spider-Man are we into, Julia? – were well received, so I guess that makes a lot of sense.)

The Play Something button can be implemented in the next few days.

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TechCrunch appears to have tested the test first; As I indicated, Netflix pre-tested a feature that showed you a random episode of a specific TV series. This seems more helpful.

A Netflix representative tells us: “We run these tests in different countries and for different periods of time, and we only make them generally available if people find them useful.”

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