Building collapse in Sicily: three dead, six missing | Searching for survivors under the rubble

Three people were killed and six others were missing after a four-story building collapsed due to a An explosion on the Italian island of SicilyAccording to a partial balance of the authorities.

Two surviving women were rescued from the property From Ravanosa, after a Saturday night crash.

The regional civil protection unit in Sicily confirmed This Sunday on his Facebook page, three, not four, died. as I said befor.

Rescue teams with specialized dogs searched the rubble on Sunday in an effort to find the missing people.

According to the authorities, who opened an investigation, the cause of the explosion may have been a gas leak.

Gas may have found a hole to be collectedGiuseppe Merendino, Agrigento County Fire Chief, told Rainews24.

This gas bag later had a transverse trigger: Car, elevator, home appliance.”

Shortly after the explosion on Saturday night, Ravanosa Mayor Carmelo D’Angelo made a Facebook appeal to everyone with “shovels and shovels.” “It was a disaster,” he said.

nails 50 people displacedD’Angelo told Rainews24, after verifying that surrounding buildings were also affected by the explosion.

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