Battlefield 2042’s poor reception led to Battlefield Mobile’s cancellation

At the beginning of the year we met Cancellation of two major projects From Electronic Arts for Mobile: Apex Legends Mobile And Battlefield Mobile. The former was already available on iOS and Android, while the latter was only released in testing in certain countries. Now it is Founder of Industrial Toysthe studio responsible for adapting the saga battlefield For mobile phones, it has ensured that the poor reception of Battlefield 2042 It was one of the main factors that led to the project’s cancellation.

specific Alex Seropianwho also co-founded Bungie in 1991, explained in an interview with The poor reception to the final installment of the Battlefield saga started a retrospective process at Electronic Arts that ended up affecting the mobile game: “Over the past year a few things have happened. Battlefield 2042 And The community reaction was not good. It caused a lot of self-reflection,” says the founder of Industrial Toys, a developer of about 120 people. Closed After the cancellation of Battlefield Mobile.

Other reasons behind Battlefield 2042

Of course, he doesn’t entirely blame the study’s founder Battlefield 2042:”Apple has also changed the IDFA rules In short, it has made user acquisition more expensive. So organic growth is eroded with release 2042Paid distribution has become somewhat more expensive due to IDFA rules,” Seropian comments before dropping that Apex Legends Mobile He also had something to do: “Then he went out climax And I don’t know if EA talked about why they canceled it, if it was for the economy or something else, but without saying You can fill in the blanks I guess.”

Alex Seropian ends by saying in the interview that Light lunch From Battlefield Mobile it was going well but that Electronic Arts I had no faith in the project enough to invest the time and money they need to reach the global launch. That’s why it was canceled at the beginning of the year it was supposed to be released.

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