Ballet Fit, what it is, benefits and keys to its practice

Physical exercise has never been this easy and fun, since there are more and more alternatives to choose from without falling for classic aerobics or single-weight lifting, which adapt to the abilities and tastes of people of all ages, including those in musicals, such as fitness Pound, or fitflamc, or aquatic fitness. Now there’s a new getting in shape activity taking center stage, it’s Ballet fit, And it is a training method that combines the best of Classic dance With aerobic exercises, including yoga and Pilates poses in their choreography. Want to learn more about this growing trend in fitness rooms and amongst many celebrities? Keep reading and learn the keys to enjoy it.

The Ballet Fit is inspired by Ballet Beautiful and Ballet Fitness, originally from the United States and Brazil, respectively, and consists of using the ballet foundation to do exercises that help improve body and mind. The first was created by Mary Helen Bowers and was used, for example, in recording the movie black SwanNatalie Portman starring. The second, invented by the Brazilian Bettina Dantas, seeks mental separation and Calories burnedAnd fixing the muscles.

“In the same category as Ballet Fit, Mozart or Bach tracks alternate with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars songs, making the sessions comfortable as much as they are dynamic”

The union of both of them was formed by the dancer Gloria MoralesWho is currently publishing the book Ballet Fit: The Way That Will Change Your Body To spread all the benefits of this type of physical exercise. To give us an idea, “In the same Ballet Fit class, Mozart or Bach’s tracks alternate with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars’ songs, making the sessions as relaxing as they are dynamic,” explains Gloria.

Ballet Fit chapters have an extension Its duration is 50 minutesPerfect to be included on gym class schedules. During this time coordination, strength, harmony, balance, flexibility and flexibility work out, in addition to cardiovascular exercises.

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The physical and psychological benefits of Ballet Veet

From a physical point of view, Ballet Fit can be said to help lengthen and tone muscles, among other benefits. Gloria Morales explains some of the benefits that can be gained from engaging in this fun activity:

  • Muscle strengtheningIn this type of exercise, the internal muscles are activated as dancers do. “The body becomes more toned and elegant because we lengthen the muscles and grow effectively with each exercise.”
  • Posture Correction: Helps correct posture and perception. This reduces back pain, especially in the lower back and cervical region.
  • Flexibility and flexibility: Ballet Fit exercises work a lot in this aspect, so they are ideal to complement them with other, more stringent sports such as running, fitness training or weightlifting.
  • imposeThis will give you stronger arms and legs, as well as a more proportional abdomen and lumbar center.
  • Cor Fortaleido: At Ballet Fit, the abdominal area, the key to the heart, the so-called “body belt” works more intensively.
  • Better balance: Many of the exercises in this type of activity are done on tiptoe and with support on only one leg, and this makes our senses strengthen to maintain a stable posture.
  • More cardiovascular and lung capacity: This is achieved thanks to the cardio part of this activity, resistance training and fat burning.

But not only does it help you get a body of ten, Ballet Fit also contributes to maintaining good mental health and emotional well-being. that’s it Psychological benefits The most common is attributed to it:

  • More self-esteemGoing beyond yourself every day in this activity will make you realize that you can achieve everything you think about.
  • Connecting the mind to the body: By including yoga and Pilates postures in your choreography, you are strengthening the all-important connection with the mind.
  • Reducing stressDoing this type of exercise will make you produce endorphins – the happiness hormones – on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will relax you with the positions taken from yoga.
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What does the Ballet Fit Class look like?

Once you know all the benefits Ballet Fit can bring you, it is time to get to know what classes are like. As Gloria Morales explains, these sessions, which last approximately one hour, are organized in four stages:

  • How is the Ballet Fit Category: ballet barre

    Ballet Barry

    They are the first 20 minutes of class and dedicated to preparing muscles and warming up with traditional bari exercises from classic ballet.

  • How is Ballet Fit Class: Cardio

    Cardio Ballet

    It takes about 15 minutes and during it is an intense cardio training with simple choreographies but helps to raise the heart rate.

  • How is the Ballet Fit Class: floor

    ballet dance

    This block also lasts about 15 minutes and is done yoga, ballet or Pilates-inspired workouts, all on a mat. In this, the muscles of the buttocks, arms, and the muscles surrounding the torso are particularly worked.

  • How is the Ballet Fit Class: The Mindfulness


    This last part has no specific time. It is the moment to return to calm, to do an introspective work to find balance and relaxation.

Necessary materials to practice Ballet Fit

If Ballet Fit catches your attention, just discover the tools you need to practice, which are very few and popular. Some are basic and some are optional, but this can help you get the best version of you; The most important thing is feeling comfortable:

  • Ballet Fit exercise items: comfortable clothing

    Comfortable clothes

    It will help you to perform the movements better. You can choose comfortable, breathable socks, but it is important that they fit well like a second leather so that they are not uncomfortable and allow the movements to be smooth. A tight fitting shirt will also be essential and if you get a leotard it will be perfect: you will feel like a real dancer.

  • Materials needed to practice Ballet Fit: shoes

    the shoes

    You can train in non-slip socks, athletic dance – which the sole is divided into two – or ballet shoes. Shoes are very important to feel contact with the ground and to perform all movements well, in addition to protecting this part of the body from injuries. You can also include leg warmers that give you more ballerina beauty while keeping your ankles warm to avoid injury.

  • Materials needed to practice Ballet Fit: Mat


    It is recommended to use a comfortable padded rug that does not slip on the floor. This tool will be used especially at the end of our training to do abdominal and relaxation exercises.

  • Materials needed to practice Ballet Fit: Water Bottle

    Bottle of water

    Another essential thing is to be hydrated while training, as we should never feel thirsty, which is why it is best to always have a bottle of water by our side.

Tips for exercising Ballet Fit

As engaging as this activity may sound, you should take a few things in mind before you start practicing Ballet Fit, like these recommendations we give you:

  • Ballet Fit Practice Tips: Screens

    Center and screens

    It is important that you go to a center where the classes are well taught and the proctor is aware of all of our movements, as some ballet poses can be complex and may harm ourselves if we do them wrong.

  • Ballet Size Tips: Stand


    A pregnant woman can practice it without problems, but as long as she adjusts to her level of effort, and after consulting a doctor. In this set, Ballet Fit can be hugely beneficial at time of delivery, as the flexibility and elasticity of the perineum area and the strengthening of the pelvic floor greatly work.

  • Tips for practicing ballet: the elderly


    The same happens in the case of the elderly, who can exercise as long as they do not have any health problem that prevents them from doing so. Of course, they must also adapt the exercises to their abilities and must be directed at all times by the coaches to avoid injuries and falls due to imbalance.

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