Covid-19: The World Health Organization asks for a distinction between politics and science in the search for the origin of the virus

We would like everyone to separate politics from science on this matter if they could. This whole process is poisoned by politics. If we expect scientists to do their work, if we want scientists to collaborate and really get the answersLet’s look in a guilt-free environment to find the origin of the virus. Thus, we will all be able to learn how to prevent this from happening again in the future, ”WHO’s director of emergencies, Dr. Mike Ryan, said at a press conference.

The specialist touched on the matter and expressed his regret for the information that appeared in the newspapers in recent days regarding the investigations.

“We ask that it be done in a non-politicized environment where science and health is a goal and not where politics plays, because frankly in recent days we have seen more and more. More Speeches in the media with very little news, evidence, or new material. This is, frankly, very disturbing. “

Ryan explained that each country and entity is free to follow its own theories about the origin of the disease, but the World Health Organization seeks to work with all member states to obtain collective answers. “We are doing this within the mandate that we have as an organization,” he added.

OMS China

Scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) during a press conference today in Wuhan, China.

More studies are needed

The CEO was clear: All hypotheses about the origin of the virus are on the tableHe added that more studies will be needed in all areas to clarify these assets and we believe that we can make more progress with the support of our member states and the support of scientists who are working in a positive way.

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For this to happen, he added, it is imperative to create a space for governments to work together and create an environment in which this work can be successfully carried out.

“Putting WHO in a situation like it is is extremely unfair to the science we are trying to implement, and as an organization It puts us in an impossible position to give the answers the world wants, ” They put.

At the beginning of his response, Ryan indicated that the WHO continues to work with the international mission that visited China earlier this year and is studying its recommendations.

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