Authorities say offers of “US work visas” are fraudulent attempts

During the first days of May 2023, information circulated on various social media platforms that provide job opportunities. However, many of these attempts are scams or scams.

The Ministry of Labor (MINTRAP) stated that posting through Facebook groups is false information and warns people not to provide information or money in exchange for a job opportunity.

The entity explained that it does not offer any kind of job opportunities through social networks and that users should verify that the source of information is official, in this case the job file.

In the photos circulating on social networks to which Mintrab was alerted, she matches the display of “US work visas for jobs”, with a picture of an official and next to the Guatemalan flag; And another picture of a group of people who have applied and who are doing the relevant department.

In both cases in which the alert was issued, the same phone number is put in which is (502) 45027871, and the authorities explain that it is incorrect.

An other way

Last Wednesday, May 10, an alert was also issued on WhatsApp, with the message that “Online Recruitment” was on offer and a warning that personal data was at risk.

On that occasion, it was revealed that a message had begun circulating that it was a “job offer”, and authorities recommended that it could be a scam and at the same time reveal sensitive data.

In this regard, the Public Prosecution Office realized that this method is usually used to obtain confidential information that could later be victims of fraud, extortion, or forgery of documents, among other things. The message as such does not constitute a crime.

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Generally, when these types of requests are made through messages on social networks or WhatsApp, a cash advance is requested in advance to start the recruitment process, but then there is no proper follow-up response. There are also award letters, promotions or offers aimed at the public, with the same goal of asking for exchange, which is why the authorities repeat the following recommendations:

  • Do not access links that contain numbers sent by unknown people.
  • Block and report contact information.
  • If you have been a victim of any of these crimes, go ahead and report it to the attorney.

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