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It’s called Aiko, it was developed in Spain and its goal is to help humans in various emotional and communicative fields.


Elche (Spain), (EFE). An AI-based emotional robot has been developed in Spain to try to help users fight loneliness, express their feelings or emotions, and improve their communication skills.

Baptized as Aiko and developed by Aisoy Robotics at the University of Miguel Hernandez (UMH) Science Park in Elche, in the Spanish region of Valencia, the robot contains engines for expressing the body, microphones, camera, and touch sensors with search for interaction. As natural as possible, therefore, try to improve the user’s emotional well-being.

This artificial intelligence-based device seeks to help users fight loneliness and express their feelings or emotions, as well as improve their communication skills.

Aisoy Robotics CEO said in a statement today, José Manuel del Rio.

As for children, sometimes they do not have the confidence to talk about problems with parents or friends for fear of what they will say or think, but thanks to Aiko, he noted that it can “help develop self-confidence, which is an essential component for correct emotional development.” And good mental health. “

“We are looking for a partner who listens without making value judgments. A good balance in our state of mind and emotional intelligence makes us feel better and happier and increases our ability to overcome any difficulties that the epidemic has made us remember,” he said. (I)

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