At least 44 graduates from Cancun have returned with the Coronavirus …

On Saturday, the country’s Ministry of Health ratified a recommendation to avoid traveling abroad for non-essential reasons, Due to the risk of transmission of new varieties of the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreading internationally in Argentina.

It was reported on Saturday that 44 young people returning from postgraduate trips on a flight that arrived in the country from Cancun, Mexico, have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The number of confirmed cases of people returning from abroad was obtained from a total of 149 passengers from Mexico. These are young residents of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires.

As a result of this diagnosis, various control measures were ordered immediately. He was one of them Identification and isolation, Therefore, the National Directorate of Immigration was required to provide a complete list of passengers on board the flight, in order to determine their close contacts, to initiate contact tracing and strict monitoring of the mandatory quarantine of each of them, by each of the jurisdictions in which the youth are present. Lives.

Likewise, the Personalize, When ordering a PCR test from 44 subjects who provided a positive antigen test. The third step was to send the positive samples by PCR to the national reference laboratory, Anlis-Malbrán, Genetic sequencing SARS-CoV-2, in order to monitor potential variants of the virus.

The alarming international epidemiological situation, with new types of SARS-CoV-2 circulating and the risk of transmission in Argentina, has led the Ministry of Health to promote a series of requirements, in addition to recommending international travel avoidance for non-good reasons.

Requirements for facing the health crisis

Mandatory negative PCR test must be submitted within 72 hours prior to shipment.

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Upon arrival in the country, you must quarantine 10 days of negative PCR, which is also mandatory.

In addition, it must comply with the recommendations established by the judicial authorities regarding entry from abroad.

At the global level, different variants, three in particular, have been identified as being of particular interest, which have actually generated community transmission in many countries on different continents: B.1.1.7 (originally discovered in the UK), P1 (in Origin (discovered in Manaus, Brazil), and variant 501Y.V2 (originally discovered in South Africa).

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