Aston Martin’s improvement is close to zero in Japan in 2023 compared to 2022

What a decline It’s happening at this time of the season Aston Martin. After a more than promising start, they battled it out With Red BullWho we saw Fernando Alonso standing in front of Max Verstappen in Monaco, Canadathe AMR23 did not develop practically at all in the battle they lost to their competitors.

In a duel in which they no longer existed and were almost never expected to exist. After seeing howFerrari and Mercedes They were outdone, and then McLarenAnd now AlphaTauri is the team getting where There are those from Silverstone.

In Japan also very little Fernando Alonso in Q3. completely Did he arrive, And he did a lot by bringing a very complicated car to the finish line that did nothing but crash into him.

Except for the Netherlands…

It seems that what happened in Singapore may happen again. And about Italy. And about Austria. And about the United Kingdom. It seems that the matter may be repeated again at the Suzuka Circuit, where what happened with Aston Martin seems more than clear.

We go back to last year. We are also going to Bahrain 2023. Yes, the place where the dream began. In Sakhir, compared to 2022, the Aston Martin has improved, so beware 2.4 seconds his time Compared to 2022.

A wild one. Something seemed impossible. So no one gave a penny. Yes, that’s what happened. So much so that it seemed so Miracles exist in F1.

They were the ones who set the pace for McLaren, for example. Even from Mercedes. Everyone wanted to be an Aston Martin. But, unlike those wearing green, the rest progressed.

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From 2.5 seconds… to 0.089

Those from Silverstone remained stagnant. Back to the data. Japan 2022. Best time 1:30.554. In 2023, Aston Martin stopped the clock at 1:30.465.

Basically, the improvement on the AMR23 in terms of a single seat last year was, be careful, 89 thousand.

he passed From approximately 2.5 in Bahrain to 0.089. This is Aston Martin balance. From a team that could not keep up with the pace of improvements of the major brands in Formula 1. That is why they stayed where they stayed.

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