From the creators of Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd announces a new anime – Kudasai

In exciting news for fans, myHoYo It announced the long-awaited second part of the video game Third Honkai Impact It will arrive in February 2024, and It will be accompanied by a new anime version. Details of this exciting reveal include a visual preview of the short film and a trailer showing the video game in action.

The announcement was made by miHoYo CEO, Director and Founder, Da Wei (Liu Wei), who also served as host of the event. In the presentation, Da Wei shared that the game’s story will move to Mars, promising players a new and exciting adventure. In addition, he highlighted the improvements that will be implemented in the combat system, based on the “Astral Ring” concept, which promises a more exciting and smooth gaming experience.

The game’s trailer mainly showed off gameplay sequences, sparking anticipation among Honkai Impact 3rd fans. Fans can expect a new and improved gaming experience in this next installment.

But that’s not all, miHoYo has also shared the first visual look at it The anime adaptation will be released alongside the sequel in February. The mysterious teaser features the following description: “Why do we keep hearing these strange, faint noises in the middle of the night during what should be an uneventful vacation trip? Complete alibis and bizarre locked-room robberies… What’s about to unfold…?».

The Honkai Impact 3rd franchise, a free-to-play action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, has kept players enthralled since its initial release in 2016, and this sequel promises to take the experience to new heights. In addition, in April this year, the company also released a new game titled “Honkai: Star Rail”, which also included an exciting short animated film.

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