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once again Man’s best friend Surprisingly, it was shown recently Puppies can assess human personality, Does this situation make you in a good position?

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As for the first study that was done, the loin owner referred to it I left a container full of food, How can you guess, The dog ran to eatThe bowl, however, was still empty, the puppy approached it again and watched it carefully, to the point where Realized that he had been “cheated”.

On another occasion, the owner repeated the same experience in this scenario excess food from the container, The man also pointed out to the dog that the food was there with everything and that the dog did not come near this because The loin remembered that he was betrayed before The man was evaluated as a bad person.

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The experiment was repeated with surprising results.

The second experiment was smarter, held at Kyoto University in Japan, And here the dog received a gift from a man who was kind to his master.

however, In the following study the man was violent and rude with a person and then give the dog the same treatment as before, although the food was clearly in his hands, The dog did not approach because he considered the man to be dishonest So it was bad.

This is a process that dogs can easily go through in everyday life. surely tenderloin Surprise us every day with His amazing intelligence.

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The lomitos’ intelligence allows them to imitate the actions of their masters

One of the main characteristics of dog is this them Objects that they noticed very to people, to the point that they imitate some of the movements also Procedures to their owners.

According to studies conducted by experts, It is very easy for them to find out when someone is helping their owner and supports it, and determines when the other does not, According to his emotional intelligence, he takes different attitudes with people.

For this reason Many puppies do not trust some humans, Simply because They discovered something we didn’t notice.

And therefore, If your dog doesn’t like someone, he probably has reasons. of weight to do so.

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