Science and technology: important for improving municipal public services

In order to promote science and technology as tools for human development, the State Municipal Councils will be urged to promote programs for this purpose, within the scope of their economic and administrative possibilities.

Advice will be directed to the Municipalities in response to a point of agreement unanimously agreed by deputies, in the fifth session of the first regular term of the sixty-second legislature, in its second year of constitutional exercise, at the same time indicating that science and technology are important tools for meeting the needs of society and life in general.

It is also important to awaken the interest of people, of any age, in science and technology, and this can be achieved through knowledge sessions, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and other means of dissemination, for a better understanding of these disciplines.

It is indicated that municipalities in Mexico, in accordance with the provisions of Article 115 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, are responsible for providing public services that guarantee an adequate quality of life for their residents.

But to achieve quality in service delivery, it must rely on identifying and integrating technologies, as well as managing them, and for this reason, governments, citizens, businesses and other actors involved in municipalities must fit into a vision focused on municipal technological management. (The Herald)

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