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British Argentine actress Anya Taylor-Joy, best known for her role in the Netflix series “Gambito de Dama,” was chosen to participate in Season 46 of “Saturday Night Live” and her presence gave something to talk about on the networks. When the 25-year-old asked to address the public in Spanish.

The artist entered the studio wearing a white dress with feather details on the right side of her shoulder, and chose to have her hair low.

Taylor Joy began by noting how the drama that earned her a Golden Globe, Critics Choice, and SAG contributed to drawing an audience’s interest in chess and its dynamics.

“I am very pleased to say that after watching the show, millions of people have bought chess boards, but only dozens of them have learned to use them.” Jokingly. “If you are one of those people who thinks chess is difficult, don’t worry, it isn’t. Added.

Before he finishes his presentation, he tells the audience that if they don’t mind, he will finish the monologue in his native language, and there he starts speaking in Spanish.. “It would mean a lot to me to start this program in my native language.”He said.

Then, applause was heard and Taylor Joy began to speak Spanish. “We’re giving you a great show tonight, Lil Nass X (guest musician) is here so please don’t go anywhere.” Been completed.

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