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Has it ever happened to you that you have to delete frequently used photos, videos or even apps just to free up space on your cell phone or because it has become slow? This fact is very unpleasant for all of us who have had this experience and let me tell you that it is very common for it to happen.

However, to our complete satisfaction, a new function has been mentioned, this one is Google self archiveand its main objective is to help us free up part of the space used on our mobile phones, which is the same space that we do not use.

How it works?

According to what he posted The 100thFortunately, it is no longer about deleting important data such as contacts, messages, photos or videos, but this function focuses on the applications we have on our mobile phones, it does not uninstall them, but rather cleans them, deleting the data that we. Not used, thus saving more than half of the space they occupy in our storage, thus avoiding us throwing away valuables.

Google has officially announced the launch that will help us avoid changing our cell phone due to lack of memory space, as this technology has become very necessary in our daily lives, and not in a bad way, but rather because it is through many of us through our jobs, our personal relationships, saving memories, or receiving mails letter value, among others.

So keeping our phone in good shape is a good thing for us, and Google’s self-archive feature is very promising to help us out.

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When necessary, a message will appear on our screens that will give us the option of the AutoArchive function, this will happen when our cell phone runs out of space, or in the same way if we try to install an application and a celebrity and the desperate message “Not enough space” will appear later the message mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph.

And it will not be difficult for her to do her job, since only the option to activate the function will be selected, and she will automatically start cleaning and archiving, although she does not delete contacts or photos, she will delete data, but do not worry or worry, because if she needs to delete something , the function itself will notify you and will not continue until it asks for your permission to continue, and it will be your decision if you agree to it or not.

One thing you should know is that according to the data obtained from 20 minutesThis function will be available on your cell phone as long as you have updated your Google Play Store to the latest version.

Isn’t it all great? Well, just one tap will suffice for your phone to start freeing up storage memory and you can install apps, take photos and record long videos, among other things without having to worry about it.

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