Anahí de Cárdenas celebrates from the United States the soon premiere of Prohibido Salir, a film she recorded 3 years ago in Peru

They release the “No Exit” trailer. Big Bang Productions.

3 years after the tape was recorded, the first trailer for the movie finally came out. “no exit”. Big Bang Productions was responsible for publishing the material and Anahi de Cardenas, one of the heroines of the film, did not hesitate to express her emotions. As mentioned, the actress and singer currently resides in Los Angeles, United States.

Peruvian production is also involved Renzo Schuler, Merli Murillo, and Facundo Vazquez de Velasco.

Finally! After almost 3 years we can say that this amazing movie we made in complete quarantine has been released. “No Going Out”. A romantic comedy that tells the story of a couple in crisis in the midst of a pandemic. I am dying for you to see it. In fact, it was A wonderful catharsis to be able to make it, film it, and now watch it finished,” he wrote Anahi de Cardenas.

“A great conclusion to a very important stage in our lives. And what better way to do that than with laughter. I feel that laughter is the best medicine for everything, so I invite you to watch it from September 14th in all theaters across the country.”

No Going Out was registered in times of a pandemic. IG Anahi de Cardenas

Anahi de Cardenas He traveled to the United States at the beginning of 2023 to internationalize his career. And although she had many concerns, the actress indicated that it just stuck.

“Now, more than ever, I admire so much the people who left their country to make their home, to improve and grow. How hard it is to be alone, to miss your home. I miss my cats, my dogs, my husband and my parents. I’m sure I’ll watch this video later and I hope you like it.” I say it was worth it because at this moment it is very difficult for me,” she said at the time, tearfully.

Renzo Schuller He was one of the many who commented on the post Anahi de Cardenas. “Let’s Go There” was written by the actor about the movie they both starred in.

Big Bang Films and Andes Films have released the trailer for the Peruvian film Prohibido Salir, which hits theaters on September 14. The new film by Sandro Ventura (Loco Cielo de Abril, Papa X Tres, Mundo Gordo) is a fun family comedy that was recorded 3 years ago, when former President Martin Vizcarra declared a state of national emergency and mandatory social isolation.

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Anahi de Cárdenas, Renzo Schuller, Merli Murillo and Facundo Vazquez de Velasco are the protagonists of this film, with whom many will recognize. The tape tells the story of a family in the midst of isolation, a fact that happened in real life all over the world.

“No Exit” stars Anahi de Cárdenas, Renzo Schuller, Merli Murillo, and Facundo Vazquez de Velasco. Big Bang Productions.

This odd family of the aforementioned cast’s personalities is a sampling of what we all experience. Diego Lombardi, Fiorella Luna, Luciana Foster, Santiago Suarez and Fabiana Valcarcel complete the cast of Sandro Ventura’s film.

It also has the wonderful participation of Kamucha Negrete and the film debut of the talented Laura Spoya. The film will be shown in all theaters in Peru on September 14th.

Film director Sandro Ventura also used his nets to express his excitement over the early release of Forbidden to Go Out. The director said that this production has a special meaning for him.

“When I said that I wanted to devote myself to cinema, many called me crazy … and even more so with my precocious parentage … but one who perseveres is enough, so I present here the trailer for my tenth film as a director: No Dating, a comedy about a family in Quarantine brings together many moments that everyone experienced not so long ago, and which today seem very far away,” Ventura said.

He concluded, “Making comedy on a subject like quarantine is not only a challenge, but also shows that we continue to work despite everything and that today we can laugh at our problems…”.

No Going Out premieres December 14th. Big Bang Productions.

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