An error of a few millimeters could cost the Uruguayan government millions of dollars

A millimeter miscalculation in the DoD ship’s engines could cost $6 million. Photo: Javier Garcia, Defense Minister, touring the ship – The Presidency

ROU 04 General Artigas is a 4,000-ton ship built in the 1960s and is currently It is the largest naval vessel of the Uruguayan NavyIt is 118 meters long, 14 meters wide and 4.30 meters deep. It is intended as a Lüneburg-class logistics supply and was built in Germany for the Navy in the 1970s, when it was called FGS. Freiburg.

As the Presidency of Uruguay reported in November 2020, ROU 04 operations ceased at the end of 2018, and in 2019 operations began to change engines. The boat needed to be replenished, as a result of which it was removed and replaced with new parts. For this, Measurements that seemed accurate at the time were taken, and sent to Germany for processing.

It is estimated that placing the engines made by the German shipyard would make the ship It will be up and running again by mid-2021.

However, there was an error when sending the measurements, and when the engines arrived from Europe, they were not suitable for the boat. Minister Garcia He was briefed on the situation and confirmed in a press conference that he requested reports explaining what happened to the commander of the navy.Wilson Menendez.

With that in mind, the minister said the matter was “very concerning” and acknowledged. An error occurred when taking measurements to order motors from Germany, which were millimeters, under an original contract that cost 6 million dollars.

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“Errors are measured in millimeters in these cases because they are technical errors, but a millimeter can make something that costs millions of dollars not work,” Garcia said.

The president explained that Millions of dollars that were agreed to be repaid have not yet been implemented because the situation has not been resolved.r, you mentioned Montevideo Gate. He explained that the money was “not lost” yet.

An error occurred when procedures were taken to order the engines from Germany, which were millimeter, under the original $6 million contract. Photo: Javier Garcia - EFE / Raul Martinez
An error occurred when procedures were taken to order the engines from Germany, which were millimeter, under the original $6 million contract. Photo: Javier Garcia – EFE / Raul Martinez

“The original contract wasn’t paid because it wasn’t arranged yet. It wasn’t the error in the payment, the error was in the difference in measurements. It was invested and it hasn’t paid off yet. There is a plan of action that we hope will bear fruit“, handle.

For this reason, the Ministry of Defense has stopped payments to the German company and it is negotiating a solution. “For years, money has been invested in it and it is not moving around properlyGarcia confirmed when he admitted that ROU 04 had been under repair for a long time and did not deliver the expected results.

Currently out of the defense bag They are waiting to see if the “expectations” that Menendez made for Garcia come true. The minister explained that the errors in the reform are not due to possible “violations”, according to the information that he has already received. He concluded that “the repairs ordered to be carried out had no effect and the ship is still not sailing.”

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