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Altea Pharmaceutical He arrived in the country in 2012 with a legacy of internships in this field from Germany. From there, it established itself as an expert in the contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and dermatological cosmetics.

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Currently, it is a standard for providing pharmaceutical services worldwide. Arrival of your products To more than 15 countries Among them are Central America, Ecuador, Peru, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Brazil.

Besides, in 2021, the marketing of products made by Altea with cannabis derivatives began in the United States. In addition, according to the 2021 classification of Colombian pharmaceutical companies, in which the main companies of this type are presented by their turnover, Altea Farmacéutica is located in
The center 50 Out of more than 350.

The company has increased its annual production capacity to more than 30 million filling units per year and More than 50,000 million pesos in technology State-of-the-art, striving to integrate and automate its operations to ensure operational excellence.

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For Nestor Negret, General Manager of Altea: “The continuous growth of the company in these ten years is largely due to the commitment of our team of collaborators, who help in achieving the goals through their responsible and serious participation in the development, manufacture of products and provision of services. Adapting operations to more complex international regulatory requirementsfor “.


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