Alessandra Rampolla’s grief over her dog’s delicate health: “I’m very sad”

Alessandra Rampolla’s sad cry of a sensitive moment for someone dear to her (Video: Instagram)

Alessandra Rampolla She appeared on social media crying because of the delicate health moment that one of her loved ones was going through. For a few years, the famous sexologist has been working in Australia, although her home is in Puerto Rico. Her dog lives there and has been left in the care of her friends, but the pet is starting to show serious health problems.

“Hello, my people. Normally, I don’t come in to share my bad moments with you, but I’m very sad” Rampolla began to say with a bright look. “My Lolita is not feeling well. And I’m away, and she’s in Puerto Rico,” he explained below.

My two best friends are taking care of her and took her to the emergency room because she became ill.. He had suffered a series of seizures in recent days, which had a significant impact on his health. And what they say to me and say to me is that they don’t think I will…” he said, tears filling his face and unable to complete the sentence.

“I’m so disappointed. I can’t understand. All this pain I’m feeling, this despair, this pain, the despair of wanting to be there and not being able to, because I’m literally on the other side of the planet and it’s impossible,” she later added, tearful. From the difficult situation she’s in, with my travels etc., this is a possibility every time I leave home and can’t be with my loved ones, and can’t travel with her.

Alessandra Rampolla’s broken tears at a sensitive moment for someone dear to her

It’s so hard to have to deal with being away and not being the one to take care of her and contain her. She is my baby girl and I would love to be the one to support and love her in her last moments. Alessandra continued her sad defense, which she posted on her Instagram stories: “It seems that I will not be able to be myself, and I am very sad.”

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She addressed her more than 700,000 followers on Instagram, saying: “I want to share this moment with you because it is my reality, this is my reality now.” The dog is a part of her life and the lives of her fans. “Why me I shared with you the wonder that Lola was in my life. And you love it too, like a lot of people who have gone through it. She is a being of light and has done nothing but provide love for nearly 14 years of her life. “I hope there will be more, but at the moment I don’t feel very hopeful.”

“I want to ask for your prayers and good energy so that she arrives in Puerto Rico and feels surrounded by a blanket of love,” Alessandra concluded.

Being the most famous Spanish-speaking sexologist, he is Puerto Rican She landed on Anglo-Saxon soil as part of the panel of experts on Australia’s most-watched reality show, Married at first sight. As in Latin America, Australians succumbed to her sympathy, leading to her being nominated as that country’s new emerging talent. That is why the broadcaster also returned with the premiere of the tenth season of the program, which broke the record for the number of viewers.

Launching on January 30 on NetWork, Rampolla is back as she focuses on uniting 10 couples with her fellow celebrity, relationship experts. John Aiken And Mel Schilling. The television project had such an impact that it became the most watched in the entire country in its time. In the final season, Alessandra announces that she seeks to encourage the pair of lovers to allow themselves to be carried away by adventure and to leave their comfort zone with hot proposals for the “Week of Intimacy”.

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