Alberto hands over Chioli in exchange for a deputy and two deputies

Alberto Fernandez succeeded in including Agustín Rossi as vice-presidential candidate on the ruling party’s Unity list and placed two deputies at the top of the list in the province.

Alberto has served as such a political operator in his entire career and has taken a part that seems trivial for a president in office, but that is more than expected after he gave up his re-election bid and began taking a supporting role in his cabinet.

For this, the head of state lowered Daniel Scioli’s list, which almost pushed him to the brink of closing the lists. Alberto allowed the former motorboat to do this to a degree that seemed out of control. Both albertismo and sciolismo were eager to go seriously into the PASO.

This glorification was influenced by the portrayal given by Alberto to Cioli through officials such as Aníbal Fernández, who became an enemy of Christina Kirchner after two decades of loyalty, or Victoria Tolosa Paz, who threatened to appear against Axel Kiselov in the province, a fact. This is not unprecedented in Peronism only because Mario Ishii had the idea to take on the former steamboat himself in the 2011 primaries, in which he scored 3 points.

Although Alberto only started to distance himself from Scioli’s candidacy last week, he allowed part of his cabinet to attend the launch of the candidacy just 24 hours earlier in the ND Ateneo.

Confusion on the other side, with the Wado-Manzur formula not even guaranteeing victory at home, deceived albertismo and sciolismo with a real competition.

The biggest beneficiary of Alberto’s last-minute negotiations with Cristina and Massa was Rossi, who will accompany the Minister of Economy in the formula. Tolosa Paz and Cafiero will infiltrate the first places in the list in the province, and Cioli, displeased with him, refused any offer, although there continues to be talk of a possible nomination for prime minister presented on Thursday by the ambassador to Brazil himself for the post of head of government. Neto artaza night.

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Despite what Alberto achieved from a weak position, in Albertismo they did not consider it a victory. “He ended up slandering his own people until the very last day,” said one bartista from the LPO’s first hour.

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