After 10 years, one of the favorite sci-fi series in TV history is finally back

While games like The last of usAnd BioShock Infinite And GTA V game Celebrating ten years of history, on TV there is a series that suffered during the same decade to return with a new season. We are talking about FuturamaFuturistic, sci-fi animation by an innovator The SimpsonsMatt Groening.

With only 10 episodes, Season 8 Futurama It is designed to appeal to all types of audience, With his good dose of fan service For those who have been following it from the beginning but also with a good entry point for those who have not seen a single episode before. After all, after 10 years of waiting for a new season, many certainly think we’re up for it Displays brand new.

This isn’t the first time the series has returned with a new season after an apparent cancellation, but it is. It’s the first time it’s done so under Disney.… So if it works, it could guarantee a promising future on platforms like Disney+ or Hulu. By the way, in flow 10 seasons appear, but this is an anomaly for the platforms.

Fry and Leela return after a 10-year absence

Futurama It tells the story of Fry, a young pizza delivery guy who travels back in time from 1999 to the year 3000, thanks to a cryogenic sleeping machine. Fry wakes up in the New York of the future… but with cool features for our present and significant and incessant criticism of his “past”.

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Futurama It began in 1999 and was canceled by Fox years later. Luckily fandom I’ve secured several seasons direct-to-DVD and then a revival on Comedy Central. Season 8 Futurama It will premiere July 24 on Star+ in Mexico.

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