ACS concentrates 80% of its business in North America and Australia with contracts worth $11,500m

The construction giant ACS, especially in the last 20 years, has focused on its expansion and internationalization. through subsidiaries such as Backhoes, Semic or Turners, the group headed by Florentino Pérez has consolidated its business in the United States, Canada, Asia-Pacific and – especially in Australia -. These markets currently stand out as where the company has the largest presence and greatest profitability, by focusing on 83% of size sales.

ACS has been awarded around 20 shrinkage worth more than 11,500 million euros since January this year in the United States and Australia. At the same time Canada You’ve made several that add up to 5800 million. The group is constantly looking for opportunities, focusing on digital infrastructure, energy transition and high technology, but with low risk. “In our portfolio, 85% of the projects are low risk,” said Juan Santamaria, CEO of ACS, during the Spanish construction company’s semi-annual results presentation.

In the US, the group has won eight bankruptcies with an approximate value of $10,000 million. The highest value contract was awarded through its subsidiary Turnerin joint project With Yates, to build an electric vehicle battery factory in Kansas (USA), which has an investment of 3,770 million euros. next to, cliff The project to replace dry dock 3 with a base has been implemented Pearl Harbor (Hawaii).

in New YorkACS, in alliance with the Gilbane Building Company, will build the new stadium for the American football team Buffalo bills, with more than 1400 million euros. Likewise, it has won a competition to carry out a design and build The first stage dedicated to soccer In the city in the amount of 709 million.

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The company was also awarded a €680 million contract to build a pharmaceutical plant in Frederick (Colorado) of Agilent Technologies. in North Carolinathrough its subsidiary company iron, two new highway contracts worth 350 million were awarded; And in Connecticut a file will be developed Refuge Tourist for 280 million euros.

in Canada and Australia

In May, ACS won a tender in Canada to build a new car tram line in the city of Calgary. This is the largest contract in the history of this city, valued at 3700 million in euros. On the other hand, the construction company Dragados will rebuild a bridge in le-aux-Tourtesy (in the province of Quebec) for 1.6 billion in euros. The same subsidiary has been awarded a contract to extend rail services to Ontario’s Go Line (Canada) for 500 million.

In Australia, the group led by Juan Santamaría won contracts worth more than 1.6 billion. The largest of these will be carried out by its Australian subsidiary Cimic and consist of a design hospital Bundaberg Queensland vs 715 million. Likewise, the ACS through Australian investor MACA The gold mining contract has been extended for five years Australia which will generate an income of approx 534 million euros. Finally, its subsidiary UGL won five contracts to provide services building With energy and mining companies in Australia for approx 368 million.

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